Site is dedicated to the Start to Finish Build Up of the ThickMC.com Show Bike!

What started out as a father & son bike build using a Ebay purchased 1980 CB 750 four, turned into a build up of a full blown nitrous powered heavily modified show bike.

The build s
tarted off with the intention of building a Cafe Racer / Bobber / Street Tracker style of street bike. Before long we were enlisting help and impute on the build with advice, opinions and ideas from different motorcycle forums.

From start to finish everything on the bike was built, modified and designed in a home garage / shop using regular tools and equipment that anyone can purchase locally at affordable pricing.

With a small budget, & using parts purchased, modified or adapted to fit the need, the goal was to show what can actually be created with thought, effort and a whole lot of elbow grease -the results well... -Meet Miss ThickMC!

Finished Bike Quick Gallery -click below to see large images.
"Harley Front End"
"Auto Gauges"

"Custom Paint"

"Aviation Leather"

"DIY Nitrous kit"

Latest News:

--Bike has recently made it's debut on the open road. Initial run resulted in obvious need for engine jetting work to be done. Currently working with final jetting, but bike idles and runs clean. Cylinders one and four tend to run lean, so more work is needed in this area.

Discussing the lean condition with Ken at Cyclexchange.net, the problem is likely due to the configuration with the angle of the carbs in relationship to the intake manifold and boots. Nitrous has not been charged or tried as yet, since the jetting isn't sorted out.

If you've got experience tuning the CycleXchange carb set and have dealt with the 1 and 4 lean issue -we'd like to hear from you!

--In addition we've just recently completed building a tilt loading diamond plate covered trailer built for towing the bike to shows.

Based on a Harbor Freight economy trailer and other parts which we combined and modified to make a unique an affordable trailer for Missthickmc.

The trailer just finished features a remote winch, tilt loading and unloading by a single person. Built for under $300, it's a perfect match for the bike. We'll be adding it to the site soon!

Full 60+ Image Photo Gallery!


We'd like to have this site stay online for many years as a reference for future DIY builders to refer to as needed. A one stop shop of example work so to speak, for anyone that is just doing a minor addition to their bike or doing a complete build from scratch build up like we did..


How to's, where and what to buy and from who, DIY information, fabricating, modifying and repurposing parts:

Nearly 3.5 years were spent designing and building the bike, initially it was a spare time project, but as the build evolved it became a major project that in the end even allowed us the opportunity to go into the motorcycle parts business.

When we found that some parts we wanted to have on the bike just weren't available from anyone, we decided that if we wanted them, we'd just have to make certain parts ourselves. We also decided to offer those parts to others enthusiast as well and thus the Thickmc.com motorcycle accessories company was born.

The purpose of this site is to offer help to others who are doing their own custom builds and to show visitors how we worked around certain build problems and adapted parts made for other bikes or other purposes to fit our needs in the process of building a unique one off custom motorcycle.

Many times we turned to the Internet for guidance from others on how to do certain things or make things work, so we thought this site would be a great way to give back some of that help we received for others and at the same time help enthusiasts on their own builds.

The advertisers and vendors shown on this site, are often the very same ones we purchased our parts from. Certain companies took extra time with support with our multitude of questions for us that went far beyond just a sale for them, proving some companies really do care about their customers.

From large companies like Summit Racing, Jegs, to medium and small companies like Dynatek Electronics, DynoTuneNitrous.com, CycleXchange.net, and even many small "mom and pop" vendors selling parts on Ebay, all were helpful with getting us the correct parts and the best in pricing along with support with all of our parts needs.

We hope our visitors will follow these links and help us support the advertisers on this site when you go to leave our site or decide you need to purchase a product we mentioned using on our bike build. They certainly deserve any visitors or customers we can send their way for all their efforts and help in building our bike. If they went out of their way for us, it's a good bet they will for you as well.



The site is grouped loosely into the following build up sections:

Show Bike Intro Sections:

A bit' humorous of a read, the intro section explains our goals, our limited budget for the whole deal and how we managed to end up making and selling parts. It also explains how we got the wife who over the years has modeled for other products we've sold over the years to allow the whole project to become what it turned out to be.

Build PT 1:

Following our start to finish process, the first 10 pages of the build, cover the tear down, frame mods, design choices, tools bought and made. Most of the metal fabrication for the bodywork and the fiberglass seat pan construction are covered. Modifying stock parts for the new need is also covered in the group of site pages.

Build PT 2:

Assembly side of the things are covered here, including creating our nitrous kit from scratch and doing the custom paint and artwork. Rewiring the entire bike to work with all the new components such as gauges, lighting and custom ignition all are covered in this section.

Gallery / Epilog / Conclusion:

For a show guality machine allot of attention to detail is required. This area lets you get a close up look at how the whole package and theme work together to make up the finished bike. Proof that a nice bike can be built at home and on a budget.

Our build Supporters:

We relied heavily on different forums, part vendors and Internet resources to pull all of our parts together and do it at a minimum cost. Those that went out of their way to assist, gave us a deal and offered technical advice are listed here.


Overall Outline of Bike Modifications Covered in Site:
(Not a complete list)
Front end:

05' Harley Dyna front end, forks, tire, custom brake rotor and chrome brake caliper, custom machined steering stem. Harley style chrome custom controls levers & switches, Mini style tach / speedo. Custom Nitrous activation switch. LED turn signals, aftermarket custom rectangular mirrors.-Custom front fender, based on a Sportster front fender, custom clip on's bars, polished billet grips topped off with laser etched pole dancer poker coin mounted on the steering stem bolt.

Custom GS Suzuki fuel tank, gutted to fit frame with relocated flush mount popup fuel cap. Two fuel bungs installed, one for carbs, one for nitrous electric fuel pump. Hand made side panels featuring bead rolled body lines, English wheel shaped compound curves, that match the fuel tank and custom one off hand made rear fender. Exhaust pipe tips rear taillights with additional DOT cat eye hidden brake light. Hand laid fiberglass seat pan, custom shaped foam seat and covered with purpose manufactured aircraft quality leather.
Paint Work:

Full custom paint and bodywork done in House of Kolor Tangelo orange, with real gold striping, gold leaf with Tangerine candy coating over it, marblizer paint, real metal flake painted insert panels. Custom "burlesque style" performers / dancers artwork on every panel on the bike, with the featured Pinup style top-less artwork done by artist in Spain topping off the custom fuel tank. Painted to match headlight bucket with graphics. Hidden graphic pinup style "Gals" sprinkled about the bike. Matching custom painted Bell helmet.
Frame Mods:

Powder coated Tangelo pearl frame and swingarm. Notched and lowered rider seat position, bobbed rear frame section, fully de-tabbed frame, with notched fuel tank frame modifications. Shortened kickstand, relocated battery box, Thickmc.com chain tensioner, extended chain, modified swingarm for Harley rear brake caliper installation. Monster Dunlop rear tire installed, left rear speedometer drive, custom rear brake rotor with Harley rear custom wheel. Modified for air shocks with LED rear turn signals.
Engine Mods:

Engine mounted twin polished nitrous bottles, sand blasted engine with wrinkle finish with polished cylinder fins, polished aluminum engine covers and valve cover. Cycle exchange twin carb kit with custom designed wet kit. Stainless mounted programmable ignition and nitrous engine tray, relocated breathers, cut and modified Honda exhaust pipes with stainless custom exhaust tips with custom muffler system. Dynatune programmable ignition and coils with 8mm Accel wires. Custom velocity stacks, de-finned oil filter housing.

Duel Neon blue LED light kits, independent chassis 20 LED Kit and 12 Led ground light setups programmable with memory and remote controls. Harley Headlight and custom lighted license plate / break light assembly.

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